The next time I’m in Las Vegas  I will definetly be making a stop at VivaLasVegaStamps !!!!

I can’t believe that I didn’t know that this stamp heaven existed.

I guess that is a good thing otherwise the last few times I went to Vegas I would’ve had to pay for 2 extra pieces of luggage, because I’m sure I could spend hours in this store.

Look at ALL the stamps in here…. I can’t believe my eyes !!!  Making me think that a weekend trip might be in the near future.

You should also check out the VLVS Tutorials and their Blog @

2 thoughts on “VivaLasVegaStamps

  1. Sharmel says:

    Mel, you'd have to go for a month, just to make sure you didn't miss a thing. And make that 5 suitcases….you have to bring me back a few…..dozen!!! LOL

  2. Terri Sproul says:

    i love viva las vegastamp too..

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