Bucket List

A while back I found this interesting and informative blog called Bucket List Publications.

What a great blog, I’ve really enjoyed reading many of Lesley Carter’s posts from high adventure, the latest in camping gear to baby products.

I have a Bucket list and it’s a mile long! On the very top of my list:

Travel, my soul begs to travel, it needs to see the world, eat food the way it was meant to be, take in all that I can and realize how much I have to be thankful for. There are so many places I would love to go.

One day after I finish paying off student loans and everything else I will travel and see parts of the world yet unknown to me and I can’t wait!

Among other things on my bucket list :

Owning a Scrapbook/ Bakery/ Party store/ Event planning. One place where you could come and get it all. The cake, the invitations, decorations, goody bags.  I always love throwing a good theme party with all the fixings. Maybe one day I will own my store.

Getting certified for Scuba Diving, I live on the West Coast on Vancouver Island and it is home to some of the best diving in the world. I can only imagine what lies beneath the surface of the water. I tired it once in a pool and loved it, I’m such a water baby.

Owning a Seaward Kayak… I would love to own my very own kayak, I love the freedom it gives you, gliding effortlessly through the water. I could be having the worst day ever and get in a kayak and hit the water and forget all about it.

Salmon fishing. I have never fished on the ocean and would love to try it out one day, there are many companies that charter trips here.

Then there’s Rock climbing, Zip lining, Skydiving and Paragliding, I would love to go zip lining over the jungle.

Week long vacation on a House boat …. what a blast that would be!

A complete spa weekend with all the pampering and chocolate I can handle.

So what’s on your Bucket List? What are you waiting for, start making a list, check it twice and start checking them off!